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We are diverse.

We come from all sorts of backgrounds, work in all kinds of different professions, and are diverse in taste, style, and interests. 

We come from different ethnicities. 

Some of us have followed Jesus nearly all of our lives and some of us are just getting started. Some of us are singles, some widows, some families, and some grandparents. 

We are unified. 

We all share the same salvation in the same Lord Jesus by the same grace through the same faith. One faith. One Savior. One family.  


We are a people joyously committed to Christ being glorified in all that we do and all that we are. Our simple goal is that Jesus is known and magnified in our surrounding communities, our world, and in our everyday lives!

We are committed.

We covenant with on another to stay loving each other, keep discipling one another, and go on encouraging each other as we intentionally share our lives, serve, and worship together.  We want to care for one another, forgive one another, and sacrifice for each other just as much as we want to enjoy life and laugh together! 

We'd sincerely love to have you be a part of our family if the Lord calls you to Grace River.  Come and see the wonderful things Jesus is doing here. 

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