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we are an elder-led church  

The Bible tells us that Christ has graciously gifted His church with teaching leaders who feed, protect, and guide the sheep to greater purity, unity, and maturity in the Lord. Grace River is an Elder-led church that aims to govern the church by the biblical model. Our Elders share leadership responsibilities and come alongside our Lead Pastor to govern, direct, and feed the local church with biblical teaching and prayerful, Spirit-led decisions.

We are an American Baptist Church, part of the ABCVNH


Our Elders serve the church by sacrificial, careful, and godly leading of God's flock as under-shepherds of our great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, to whom the church belongs. 


In addition to churchwide overseeing, each Elder is responsible for shepherding specific ministries of Grace River by providing spiritual leadership, support, and prayer for the Deacons.   

Our church retains congregational voting and input on many major issues. Members are invited to voice their thoughts during our regular churchwide meetings and directly to our leadership, who are always available to listen. 



Pastor Kyle R. Allen has been leading and serving us since September 2018. He brings nineteen years of professional ministry experience that has spanned a variety of church roles and opportunities, including pastoring in big and small cities, cross-cultural contexts, urban outreach, college and family ministry, and local and overseas missions that have crossed from New York city and Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area, Cleveland, Thailand, and New England. 

In addition to finding joy in bringing the Word of God to His people, Pastor Kyle loves where God has put him to counsel couples and individuals, mentor and develop leaders, care for and disciple believers, and finding ways to reach the lost in our surrounding communities. 

Pastor Kyle, his wife In Hye, and their sons love ministering and living here. They persevere as Dallas Cowboys fans, love cooking, camping and art galleries,  discovering over motorcycles and through camera lenses, and seriously laughing over Legos while debating over Star Wars. 



Andrew has been proudly serving Grace River on staff since July 2008. In a saving relationship with Jesus Christ since 1984, Andrew brings over twenty years of experience in live sound, video and lighting design to bless our ministries. Andrew leads our efforts to evangelize and minister to our people both locally and far outside of our community through our live streams, social media outlets, TV exposure, and website and app developments. 

Andrew also wonderfully heads up our buildings and properties to help us take next steps to be a safer, modern, and beautiful place to gather, glorify, and keep on growing.  

And he'll even hare Jesus Christ with you more than he will boast about his Patriots. 

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